QuerySurge is Now in the Microsoft Azure Cloud

New offering assures Data Validation & Testing anywhere, anytime with flexible environment


QuerySurge, the leading data validation and testing solution, is now available in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

This new QuerySurge offering solves one of the biggest challenges that our customers face – procuring the optimal environment for QuerySurge. There are many other business benefits of using QuerySurge in the Azure Cloud, including:

  • Increased speed of deployment with flexible scalability
  • A global presence, with Azure available in 36 regions around the world
  • Fully integrated development and delivery applications
  • Full disaster recovery capabilities
  • Flexible and controllable hardware + network costs
  • Enterprise-level security

“Now customers have the flexibility to modify their hardware on-the-fly to meet their specific performance requirements” said Matt Moss, Manager of Cloud Solutions for the QuerySurge team. “Azure customers can now access our free trial of QuerySurge and experience the key features and benefits in a real-world implementation scenario while optimizing performance.”

About QuerySurge
QuerySurge is the leading data validation and testing solution built specifically to automate the testing of data warehouses & big data. QuerySurge makes it really easy for both novices and experienced team members to validate their organization’s data quickly, analyzing and pinpointing up to 100% of all data differences while providing both real-time and historical views of your data’s health.

For more information about QuerySurge, please visit http://www.QuerySurge.com


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